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Address: 79 Walters Road Marshland, Christchurch 8051.

Harford Greenhouses

Supplier of Botanicoir Products
New Zealand & Pacific Islands

Salads and Vegitables

We supply grow bags and other coir products to salad growers all over the world, with our biggest markets currently in UK, USA, Morocco, Australia and Mexico. We have the expertise to be able to produce specific coir mixes to suit varying vegetable crop requirements and work with local agronomists to offer technical support both before and after sales, so growers really do get peace of mind.

Botanicoir uses a variety of coir mixes to promote healthy root growth, give optimum drainage and retain the particle structure so that the growers can steer their crops effectively. We have the facilities to grade our products to an extremely high standard giving young vegetable plants the best growing environment as soon as they are planted.

Please choose a category that suits your interests to see our recommended products and mixes.


Fully washed and free draining coir products for growing tomato crops


Providing the ideal environment for capsicum and pepper growing


Optimum water retention coir products for aubergine and eggplant


Giving cucumber plants the best start with clean homogenous coir substrate


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