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Harford Greenhouses

Supplier of Botanicoir Products
New Zealand & Pacific Islands


Bulk cocopeat products are a great economical option for growers looking to hydrate onsite, maybe using a bale buster and pot filler. All Botanicoir coir mixes can be provided in bulk format, usually 5kg bales, 25kg bales or 600g briquettes, but other options are also available.

Available formats:

Bulk is most popular for growing


Cocopeat blocks or bales can be an economical way to supply coir products where the grower has the means to hydrate on site and use a pot filler. Bulk is also popular amongst substrate producers looking to mix coir with other substrates such as perlite, wood fibre or peat.

Mix Specifications

All bulk coir mixes can be made to the customer requirements, from propagation mixes, to soft fruits, to products for mixing with other substrates. We can make bespoke coir products by mixing varied particle sizes and chips into the different percentages to give the required water content depending on the end use.

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